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Founder of agency Yulia MOATTI

Yulia Moatti is the founder Personal Shopper agency in Cannes on the French Riviera.
She’s born in Moscow and studied styling courses in one of the biggest fashion school of the capital.
In 2003, she settled in France and integrated the most luxurious Haute Couture Houses on the French Riviera.
Meanwhile, she opened her Web-Agency in Cannes and supervises the art direction of the J&J Moatti graphic designs.
She worked for 8 years as a Personal Shopper and personal stylist for a luxurious clientele. As the result of her success in fashion and design she decided to share her passion and creat her own agency of a personal shopper and image consultant.
She selects the shops, the outfitS that are custom tailored to your lifestyle, career, personality and your budget in order to magnify your appearance.
Her advice will help you develop the confidence to dress with style and individuality. You will learn how to dress well consistently and take pride in your personal image and appearance, while gaining confidence in your sense of beauty and fashion.
She’ll keep you updated with the brand new collections, new stores and make your everyday wardrobe choices easier.
She corporates with many stores, brands, concept stores in the south of France, Paris, Milan and Moscow.

We work with companies that launch brands. We will accompany them in the artistic direction and help in the product branding.
For any information, service or collaboration, do not hesitate to contact us. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied

You can contact us at any time for any questions or any collaborations ?

Your one-day time

Pre-selected outfits by Yulia that you just have to put on.
Home Delivery & Worldwide shipping.

Exclusivity & Desire

A store or a private room just for you. A private driver accompanies you from anywhere.

Comfort of shopping with Yulia

Differents drinks and other small pleasures in the shops will be offered.

Taxe refund (VAT) & your shopping

Help and support in the formalities of taxe refund, in the shops and at the Airport.

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5 out of 5 stars

Katya F
Katya F

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 years ago

It is a real pleasure to collaborate with Yulia everytime when i need to find something for an event or a buisiness meeting. Amazing how at each time She knew how to find for me a trendy,rare and beautiful peaces. I appreciate her sens of style and her khowledges about what type of clothes and colors i can wear. Thank you my personal shopper for all.

Анна Виноградова
Анна Виноградова

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 years ago

Хочу от всей души поблагодарить Юлию за то большое дело которое она делает.Я теперь практически не думаю о своей одежде,о том что мне одеть на то или иное мероприятие, за меня это делает Юлия.Она полностью придумывает мне стиль , на разные выходы и разные случаи жизни,в чем я ей очень и очень благодарна. мне остаётся только предупредить её куда я заранее иду )))) и все ,дальше вещи каким то чудом из Франции оказываются у меня в гардеробе))) Юлечка спасибо трое огромное ещё раз !!!! P.S. а ещё Юлия очень и очень приятный и легкий в общении человек .

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